Muro Frari is the newborn of the family.

Designed by architect Eric Milanese, Muro Frari developes along a big window overlooking Rio Terà dei Frari, from which you can get a glimpse of one of city's major cathedrals. Design connects glass and corten to dark wood, bricks and mosaic, creating a warm and contemporary ambiance.

Kitchen's offer is complete: it joins venetian affection for fish to asiatic competence for spices, proposes a nice pizza with many choices and in meat finds on of the favourite ingredients, starting from french-style beef tartare, to steaks to be cooked on an hot plate at the table, to juicy t-bone steaks and refined Chateaubriand.

Cellar is accurately selectioned, with both classical and particular proposals, from Italy and abroad, that periodically enrich the list. Draft beers are choosen from classical bavarian: Keller, Salvator, Weizen, and it's possible tasting different bottled beers even artisan made.

In summer the venue is air-conditioned and has a big space to dine at open air, from where you have a wonderful view of the nearby canal with his gondolas and of the Frari's Basilica.